вторник, 13 октября 2015 г.

понедельник, 7 сентября 2015 г.

How to add games to steam from your hard disk

This can happen when you reinstall the operating system and want to add your games from hard disk (D, E etc.) to steam client.

1. Find your game folder. In this folder you can see "SteamApps" folder and file steam.dll. For example, "D:\Games".
2. Rename it. For example, "D:\Games2" (you can not add not empty folder to steam client as store).
3. Download, install steam client. Run it and log in.
4. Open "Menu - Steam - Settings - Downloads". Press button "Steam library folders".

5. Press button "Add library folder", Create and add "old" name folder, for example "D:\Games". Press "OK" button to save settings.
6. Restart steam client: "Menu - Steam - Quit" and start again.
7. Enjoy!

вторник, 24 марта 2015 г.

Analog Clock WP-7: widget for WordPress CMS

WordPress is most popular CMS (Content Management System). Analog Clock WP-7 is plugin-widget for this CMS. You can easy install it on your web site, change secondary color and set clock size. Read more.

пятница, 20 марта 2015 г.

Analog Clock for Blog-7

Analog Clock for Blog-7 is original free analog clock gadget for your blog. You can resize it and change color of second hand. It is very easy to install and customize. See example on top right side.

How to install
* Open your blog page;
* Go to "Layout" page;
* Click on link "Add a Gadget". Best view on the right side;
* Click on link "More Gadgets" and find it by name or click on link "Add your own" and paste link.
* Type size of the clock and select secondary color from list box.
* Enjoy!