понедельник, 7 сентября 2015 г.

How to add games to steam from your hard disk

This can happen when you reinstall the operating system and want to add your games from hard disk (D, E etc.) to steam client.

1. Find your game folder. In this folder you can see "SteamApps" folder and file steam.dll. For example, "D:\Games".
2. Rename it. For example, "D:\Games2" (you can not add not empty folder to steam client as store).
3. Download, install steam client. Run it and log in.
4. Open "Menu - Steam - Settings - Downloads". Press button "Steam library folders".

5. Press button "Add library folder", Create and add "old" name folder, for example "D:\Games". Press "OK" button to save settings.
6. Restart steam client: "Menu - Steam - Quit" and start again.
7. Enjoy!